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If you are buying or selling a car, you will want to find out its value.

Our valuation service gives you a price on either cars or vans.

  • Find out a car or van value, whether it is being sold on the dealership forecourt, private sale, or if you want to traded it in.
  • Our valuation tool gives a car or van price instantly.
  • All you need to know is the car or van numberplate.

The valuation report will tell you:

  • Details of the car: The registration date, average mileage based on its age, the colour
  • Original market value: The retail price of the car when new
  • Prices for selling privately: price for excellent, average and poor condition
  • Trade-in price: How much you would could get as a part exchange
  • Forecourt price: How much you could expect to pay for it if buying from a dealer or garage.

Sample Car Valuations

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